Different types of flower arrangements

flowers malvern eastWhen we think of flowers we instantly associate them with beauty. Flowers no matter what shape, color and size, they are captivating to the eye. But do you know what makes them even more beautiful? It’s the way the flowers are arranged and presented. Let me tell you about some of the top types of flower arrangements that you can read about and hence know how to find a good florist, and be the bearer of the most beautiful bouquets at the next event.

Fan-shaped arrangement for the flowers

This is amongst the easiest and hence the most often used flower arrangement that is used by the florists. As the name suggests the flowers Malvern East in this arrangement are used in a fan like a shape along with the leaves. Both the same and different colored flowers can be used depending on your choice. Fillers are usually used in between the empty spaces between the flowers to enhance the overall effect of the bouquet, making it one of the most popular flower arrangements.

Elliptical flower arrangement

Then comes the elliptical flower arrangement. Another popular flower arrangement that uses not only bright flowers that look good to the eyes but also flowers that smell good, such as roses, sunflowers, and lilies to name a few. This is the perfect arrangement for bouquets that are meant for giving at events such as birthdays and weddings. The color combination varies as per the requirement of the buyer.

The vertical flower arrangement

The vertical flower arrangement, used both for the bouquets and flower baskets, uses a mix of different kinds of flowers in all colors and shapes. Bright and strong scented flowers are commonly used for this arrangement.

The horizontal flower arrangement

The horizontal flower arrangement is a favorite of the florists across the world. Like the vertical flower arrangement, this arrangement also uses flowers in different colors. The arrangement of the flowers is done in either rows or zig zags.

The cascade flower arrangement

Rather than just the flowers, this arrangement uses all- the leaves, the stems, and even the fresh green grass. Dubbed by top florists as the top flower arrangement for flowers to give at wedding related events.
The aforementioned flower arrangements are supplied by a quality florist, Malvern. You will find highly trained and skilled florists that will give you exactly what you are looking for, using flowers in the best color combinations possible.
You canchoose either of the above-mentioned flower arrangements for a top class bouquet or a flower basket that will have the receiver gushing for a long time to come. In case you can’t go out, hopefully now you know enough about the flower arrangements to pick up the phone and opt for the flower delivery, Malvern offers up till 10 pm. Alternatively, you can order online and avail discounts too. So no matter what your next event, say it with flowers, Malvern.